UK customer satisfaction survey results

Each year, Bankbrokers UK sends out a customer satisfaction survey questionnaire. The survey goes to all clients for whom we have completed projects in the preceding year.

We then collate the results across all markets. We have been delighted that in the 4 previous years running that 100% of respondents have indicated in the UK customer satisfaction survey that they would recommend Bankbrokers’ services.

So, we are thrilled that despite the impact of Covid-19 in the banking market, for the 5th year running, 100% of respondents have once again indicated they would recommend us following receipt of the 2021 survey. 

Our survey covers a wider range of questions and measures our performance with our clients. For example, project management, quality of analysis, delivery and results.

We are proud to have helped so many clients during the pandemic and humbled by the positive feedback.

Download a full breakdown of the survey results.

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