A banking expert and down to earth Yorkshireman

Andrew Greenhalgh is born and bred in Yorkshire, with plenty of fresh air on the Pennine Hills whilst growing up. He is a banking expert and a down to earth Yorkshireman. His family were all Lancastrians, as a lifelong Burnley FC supporter this always caused confusion with his white rose friends.  He blames his dad who ventured over the hills to take up a lecturing role at Bradford University. (missionary work as it’s often referred to). 

Andrew Greenhalgh is an experienced banking expert and part of the Bankbrokers team.

An alternative career path beckoned from an early age

Andrew shares his story:

I wanted to be a Doctor. My A-Level results were good but not good enough to get into Medical School. An alternative career path beckoned!! I decided that degree courses offered in Botany, Zoology and Microbiology were not for me. The world of finance was calling, apparently. I received a job offer from Midland Bank and started at their Halifax branch, as the junior member of the 60 strong team at the time the tasks involved making tea/coffee for everyone twice a day, stamping cheques and counting coins. Sounds dull but it was very much a team effort all round and a cracking place to start on the ladder.

He continues:

Over the next 14 years, I completed my banking exams and worked through the various banking departments in Halifax, Huddersfield, Bradford and Leeds. Running alongside, courtesy of agricultural connected friends I was also a member of the local Young Farmers Club, judging cattle, taking part in public speaking competitions as well as drama/entertainment competitions. Even caught ringworm on my forehead whilst helping out haymaking. Never a great look when you are working on the bank counter during the day! Pushing a 6 feet tall fibreglass “tin” of dog food from Harrogate to Bournemouth was another different way to spend a week. I must admit my feet were rather sore on arrival on the south coast but worth it as a lot of money was raised for Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Leading growth and innovation at Midland Bank and Royal Bank of Scotland

Andrew adds:

Midland then launched the Switch Card. I joined the sales team tasked with marketing swipe terminals to petrol stations, retailers, hotels and pubs to try and wean them off cheques. In at the deep end. My introduction to the world of payments and card acquiring was underway. Cash management followed and I was helping clients to use the most effective processes and get the best value. We were also tendering for new opportunities in the region.

A move to RBS then happened and in due course added International Trade and International Cash Management to my brief. Working with lots of good people and household name clients up and down the UK. I even met Fred The Shred a couple of times and fortunately survived the experience.

Joining Bankbrokers as a banking expert and supporting businesses all over the world

Andrew’s journey took him to Bankbrokers:

Time flies. I exited stage left after 20 years at RBS and not long after one of my contacts mentioned Bank Brokers. ” Never heard of them” was the cry. A call with Neil Fillbrook (their UK CEO) ensued and quickly fixed that. 7 years later I am still here, helping businesses of all shapes, and sizes and spread all over the globe to thrive even under trying circumstances. Long may it continue.

I’ve become a bit of an Airline sector specialist – more by luck than judgement – and have had the privilege of travelling the world for Bankbrokers meeting the great and the good of the airline industry and have now worked helping some of the largest airlines – particularly with Merchant Services Advisory projects. Overall it’s been a great journey so far, I love what I do and the people I work with and I think that shines through with all my clients, in all sectors. But at heart, I remain a down-to-earth Yorkshireman and hopefully a decent bloke to work with.

I love what I do and the people I work with and I think that shines through with all my clients, in all sectors.

Contact Andrew for further information and how Bankbrokers can assist with banking and merchant services. Our team of friendly experts can help your business and secure the support you need.

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